Monday, September 20, 2010

Fancy Packaging Won't Always Save You

I can't remember where I first saw this Terra Kunza cookie packaging, probably Lovely Package, but while it is indeed a lovely package, I am unimpressed. 

Terra Kunza is a line of high-end cookies, made from non-traditional ingredients like quinoa and olive oil.  They're taking a page from the current trend of incorporating eccentric ingredients into haute cuisine, a la Vosges chocolate.  I think Vosges does this well; I'm not so sure about Terra Kunza.  And the worst part is that I don't even want to try their product at first glance, because nothing about the packaging entices me.

Please don't misunderstand: it's very pretty and it absolutely says high-end to me.  What it doesn't say is delicious.

Food packaging should look delicious.  If it doesn't look delicious, it should be approachable at the very least.  This packaging is too abstract, too floral.  I don't want to pick up the product and take a bite out of it.  Even worse, I can't tell from first glance what the product even is.  That's a sin.

On the box it says "Quinoa and Oregano Cookies."  So far, I'm really not excited about it.  If the picture was the cookies and they looked enticing (or bizarre, even), I'd probably give this a shot.  Heck, I gave the Naga chocolate bar a shot, and it's got curry powder in it.  But, you see, the packaging for the Naga bar looks like this:

Is the Naga bar comprised of some unusual ingredients that one might consider unappealing at first glance?  Yes.  But look at the packaging!  There's the sensuous chocolate, the flakes of sweet coconut, the non-intimidating sprinkle of curry spice.  I can see exactly what I'm getting into, which takes away my resistance.

Ultimately, that's what you want in a new product: people willing to try it.  Hopefully they love it and spread the word.  The packaging gets in the way here, which makes this a miss.


  1. At first glance (admittedly on the tiny screen of my iPhone) it looked like software. Naga bar is an excellent choice for contrasting packaging. I love that stuff.

  2. Yeah I'm with you here. People don't salivate over abstract flowers.