Tuesday, October 12, 2010

J Me

Jamie Oliver, well-known British chef, restaurateur and media personality, launched a new brand of housewares and food products in 2009.  The brand is J Me, and Pearlfisher was responsible for the creation of a strategy, logo, brand identity, corporate identity, structural design, secondary packaging, tone of voice, naming, pack and web copy.

Jamie's fans and customers share a few things in common:
- They have a relaxed, well-designed lifestyle
- They care about where their food and everyday items come from and want to have some kind of relationship with the creator
- They trend younger and a bit quirky, like Jamie

Jamie's lifestyle brand had to reflect Jamie's own aesthetic, which is clean, sustainable, and youthful.  Jamie places a lot of emphasis on healthy, local, no frills ingredients in his own cooking, hence the premise of his initial TV show: The Naked Chef.  This commitment to sustainable eating and clean flavors in his work translates into the design of his lifestyle and food products.

The packaging is incredible simple and very homegrown—casual and inviting, like Jamie himself. Part of Jamie's appeal is that he isn't fussy. He makes cooking seem simple and populist. 

This condiment packaging looks friendly, like your pal Jamie whipped up that lemon curd in your kitchen and scrawled out a label before popping it into your fridge.  There's something really powerful about that for an aspirational brand.  People will buy these products because they want to cook like Jamie and, moreover, because they are invested in having the kind of life Jamie Oliver has: simple, unfussy, but also clever, creative, and chic.

To further that objective, Jamie worked with well-known, current designers to create beautiful artisan products at several different price points within the line.  Even though there's quite a bit of variety, all of the products fit his brand: they're sustainable, unique, and clean in design.  You can watch Jamie talking about his line here. 

Pearlfisher created over 170 skus for this line and their work on the brand was a Gold Cannes Lions winner for 2009.  High praise.  You can see why I like them.

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