Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last Thursday, I put on my fancy party tights and took myself out to the Anthology Magazine launch party.  Anthology is a new lifestyle magazine put out by Anh-Minh Le, with Meg Mateo Ilasco (of Craft, Inc.) as Creative Director.  It's glorious—a total visual treat.  Since Blueprint got shut down and Domino bit the dust, I've been looking for a magazine that taps in to the contemporary girl's design-oriented spirit, and this is just the magazine.

The launch party at West Elm was a whole lot of classy fun.  Some really incredible women were there.  Anh-Minh and Maggie Mason, two of my favorites, were kind enough to chat with me.  There were delicious cocktails and coffee options, circulating cookies and treats, and best of all, Smilebooth was in attendance!

My fantastic new friend Elka of Casa Sugar posed with me, along with the super-stylin' Ashley Meaders:

There's me in the middle of the sandwich of awesome.  And the pictures get funnier from there.  They're all up at the Smilebooth site, just click on California.  We're at the top of the page.

Thanks for a swell night Anthology!  Everyone else, subscribe, and soon!

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