Monday, November 29, 2010


Back from a posting hiatus, due to the holidays and post-holiday digestive coma.

Full admission: I find scars both bad-ass and also kind of icky.  It's awesome when you inspire the comment, "What does the other guy look like?", but at the same time, the puckery weird skin and the raised bumpiness are not so much my thing.  And with kids and stretchmarks and all the rest coming into play, it's great that there's a product that helps diminish the appearance of scars.

I've heard good things about Mederma.  Everyone who's ever talked about it has had a good experience.  I haven't tried it personally; the scar on my lip, a holdover from my orthodontist, is pretty sick, but if the advertising is anything to go off of, this product is a winner.

Straight up: this is a product to fix you, but it's about fixing something that (arguably) is actually wrong.  Scars are damaged tissue, and this is a clinical product to fix it. That's a step up from all the products that are meant to fix things that aren't wrong with you.   Further, all of these women look happy and giggly and downright delightful.  They're not embarrassed about their scars!  And best of all, they have normal bodies, but are also considered pretty conventionally attractive.  Exciting!  Scars, bellies, and happy ladies all in one commercial.

There's a conversation we could have about embracing yourself, flaws and all, but I do have to point out that as fixer upper products go, this is tame.  Some people have pretty extreme scars that make them feel uncomfortable.  This isn't the same thing as skin whitening cream or something with similarly racist overtones.  It isn't even to fix a genetic trait like body hair or fat cells or darker skin that's not in keeping with traditional beauty standards.  Everyone gets beat up by life.  Scars are equal opportunity.  And if it makes you feel better to minimize them and you can giggle and be happy about that, then I say go ahead.

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