Friday, January 7, 2011

Pretty Penhaligon's

The holidays and a bout of the dread sniffles have caused my blogging hiatus, but I'm back for a quick one.

Let's talk about Penhaligon's (via Lovely Package):

It's a luxury fragrance and personal care brand.  It looks to me like their packaging is treated with as much care as their exquisite products.  What's neat is that this packaging is for men's fragrance.  Honestly, that kind of surprised me.  I didn't think men went in much for velvet bows, but I stand corrected.

This really ties in with the vintage shaving trend—personal care in this respect walks a neat line between the manly-man grooming of the Old Spice Guy and the verging-on-feminine Metrosexual.  It's masculine, but old-world masculine. It heralds from a time when men had a toilette—a whole ritual of personal care that was taken with utmost seriousness.  This trend towards that allows men to be able to construct elaborate grooming rituals without mockery. 

In this particular packaging, it's got a bow, but it's also got an owl in a tie.  Nice mix, don't you think?

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  1. I'm surprised by that being targeted to men as well, but I like it. I guess if I was shopping for a man it may be tempting.