Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Know We've Got Swagger

I was alerted to this one by my fabulous friend Amanda, who wrote, "Fantastic brand marketing. I'm single, but this video makes me want to buy this car, get married, adopt my neighbor's kids, make out inappropriately and drink Bloody Marys on the porch as I call my children to come in for mac-n-cheese! I absolutely love this!"

It's a ringing endorsement if I've ever heard one! And the video didn't disappoint:

Selling a product by increasing its coolness factor, using a hipper cultural medium is nothing new. People were using rap to do this way before Weird Al Yankovic.  But this is made all the more awesome by how hipster-y these people are.  Getting a minivan now becomes representative of being chic young parents, as much as a Buggaboo stroller.  Better yet, this commercial has us laughing, which always creates positive associations between buyer and product.

Will you be getting your own swagger wagon?  Weigh in!


  1. Mander walked away in the middle. Of course, that's an improvement from the time she almost decked the sales guy who *insisted* we should look at the mini vans.