Monday, January 24, 2011

What's Inside

I'm sure your mom or some overarching parental figure once told you that it's what's inside that counts.  It couldn't be more true with product packaging.  One of the things I've griped about in the past is that if you can't sell the outside, you sure as heck can't sell the inside.

But luckily, these two products make it work:

This nut butter packaging by Danielle Davis is fantastic.  Very clean, shows the product inside, and with the nut shapes, reinforces exactly what it is.  It's clever, but true to the pared-down, raw nature of the product.  Love it. (via Lovely Package)

Another great one is for Colorcril paint, designed by Mariella Leal:

The label color on the outside is the same color as the paint inside.  No more reading the name of the paint and having to locate a chip on the wall.  The can is big enough that you'd be able to form a pretty firm conjecture on how it would look on a wall.  I recommend painting a swatch regardless, but still—having the color take up the majority of the package is good sense.

It's so simple, I wonder why everyone hasn't done it. I did a quick survey, and most have a band of color at the bottom that matches the paint, but none of them make as big a visual impact as this Colorcril sample. I love how simple the design is too; it really makes the color pop.  (via Lovely Package) 

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