Friday, February 25, 2011

Magongo & Marula

A pretty post to lead into the weekend.  I love this Africa-inspired beauty line from Woolworth's.  It's vibrant, inviting, and taps into the spirit of African design (at least, how this westerner perceives it).

I got wind of this from The Dieline, one of my favorite new design blogs.  This packaging was created by Todd Anderson.

Todd played an essential role in the products concept, overlooking constructs, development and print production. Chromatically it was important for the product to represent the vibrancy and culture of the African continent, adopting rich tones of orange, yellow and dark brown balanced alongside lighter shades of green and purple. Todd chose to use jar shapes that resembled traditional clay pots and to screen print the African inspired ingredients to the outside. The two phase bath oil beautifully represents an African Sunset while the tubes take on a rich earthy feel.
(via The Dieline)

It's nice to see African aesthetics represented beautifully by a major distributor, with respect to traditional design.  I think we're seeing a lot more interest in the continent from the design sphere.  There's currently an exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York called The Global Africa Project, which examines the broad spectrum of contemporary African art, design, and craft worldwide."  Shows like The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency have also brought more of the African design aesthetic to contemporary audiences, to great benefit.  I love the brilliant colors and bold designs, and hope to see more of African design in a wider product offering.

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