Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Packaging Will Self-Destruct

I love student work.  The student environment is one where innovation and creativity are prized. The cost of production, effect on bottom line, and the other, more dreary bits of the business don't stifle as many great ideas.

I adore this biodegradable packaging from Ben Huttly:

Easy indicators of each vegetable allow it to be properly and quickly identified.  Also, it has the location of origin, which is quite important in our political food landscape these days and the focus on eating food grown locally.

Best of all, the packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.  There are seeds of the original plant in the tag, so once you've consumed those delicious carrots, you can turn around and grow your own.  This is well-designed, eco-friendly, and even a little whimsical—it doesn't seem entirely practical, since the labels would get mushed in transit, plus be kind of a bear to produce.  And the packaging doesn't so much protect the product, which is what packaging is meant to do. 

But, see above.  Conceptually, it's brilliant.  And look at this sexy asparagus, just waiting for you to eat it and plant its seeds. 

Sounds a little dirty, but that's the way of nature.

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  1. I have doubts about how well the seeds would grow and how many people actually could/would (and maybe they could have been donated to a community garden or something instead?) but I agree, eye catching and definitely fulfilling of my urge to feel like I got something special.

    Then again, how far away is Suffolk?