Monday, March 7, 2011

Go Local: Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles is a small, friendly boutique that opened in Oakland this year.  They source locally made artisan products, mostly jewelry, clothing, beauty, art, and gifts.  I don't think they have a super-strong branding campaign yet, but their aesthetics are super cute.

The local, modern aesthetic translates through their merchandising for sure.  Many items were also upcycled or repurposed materials, which is obviously very current and ethically fantastic.

Earrings on a frame with chicken wire.  I really want to go home and do this myself.  (Mine are hung on a narrow bulletin board.)

This is Casey.  She's the owner.  She's super friendly and very passionate about sourcing local products and sustainable goods.  Bells & Whistles has a website if you want to check them out.  They also appear to have an event called Cupcake Sunday that sounds too good to miss.

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