Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go Local: Blue Chair Fruit

Now and again, I'd like to give props to local businesses that are doing a stellar job at branding.  So, new category: Go Local.

A couple weeks ago, I was at the Farmers Market and stumbled upon Blue Chair Fruit, a local jam and marmalade company.  We got to sample some different jams and marmalades and they were all incredibly delicious.  July Red Nectarine with Candied Ginger was my favorite.  I took some home with me.

And check out the packaging:

Super cute!  I love the merchandising on the vintage cake stands, but I'm a sucker for vintage cake stands all the time.  The jars are the perfect size: you get enough to last several breakfasts, but not so much that the product will spoil before you get to it.

Love the emblem of the blue chair as well.  It's a nice, homey vintage touch, and graphically, it works well as an icon.  Rachel and team have developed a stellar product and a great brand.  It was a really nice thing to see in Oakland on a Saturday morning.

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