Friday, April 29, 2011

Antrepo's Public Gothic

These awesome vintage oil cans have been repurposed to showcase Public Gothic, a typeface from Antrepo, a design company in Turkey.

In most cases, packaging advertises the product inside.  Antrepo wanted to revitalize an item that's been out of public use for some time to advertise their font. 

"Vintage metal oil cans are much better than today’s plastic oil cans like many other old things! They are more powerful, more impressive and more iconic. These days, the relatively few metal oil cans that survived that familiar pattern have become collectibles. These cans not only served as containers, they also gave oil companies one more opportunity to advertise their brand name and logo. These vintage cans are also really good source for reflecting power of Public Gothic, Antrepo’s condensed, vintage and industrial font family."

I love how these iconic cans now serve a new purpose.  Where they once served a brand, they now display a typeface.  I have to admit, I did a double-take when I didn't see the expected American gas company logos.  And I agree—the font is a perfect match.

Clever, and pretty interesting.  Originally seen via Lovely Package.

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