Friday, May 6, 2011

Amy's Rebranding

Amy's is a brand I work with quite a bit in my professional life.  It's a range of natural, organic, vegetarian frozen products—convenience food that's actually pretty good for you.  That's hard to find in the frozen sector, an area not known for its quality.

There was a post yesterday on The Dieline discussing a recent rebranding the company underwent for the British market.



Honey Creative, in charge of the redesign says:

We approached this by looking at how little we needed to change to create a brand that spoke clearly to the British, albeit in an American accent. Stronger branding, using the full Amy’s Kitchen name against a holding device, the use of health claims, anecdotes and personal recommendations, create constant interest and novelty.
Using a very informal structure, we give space to the health claims, personal recommendations and anecdotes, varying these by pack so that there is always something interesting to read. The collage structure supports the handmade proposition. The design uses many of the best fresh or chilled food cues to emphasise the quality.

I like the redesign, though what I find interesting is that it looks "too American" to me.  If you check out the original post, there's lots of gingham, American flags, and picnic table backdrops in the redesign.  In a British context, this works at visually setting apart an American brand and making it distinctive, but I feel like those visual signs are so redundant in American branding that the new Amy's would fade into the background.  It reads like another Trader Joe's product.

There was a comment that the original packaging felt really dated.  That's true, although there's a co-op homeyness to Amy's that I love.  It feels like the kind of 70s natural health food that my mom would have heated up while looking through the Moosewood cookbook.  If, that is, my mom was into all-natural, vegetarian food, which she decidedly is not.  That woman loves her microwave, and luckily Amy's, regardless of packaging, provides delicious, healthy meals in seconds.  Everyone wins.

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