Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Safe is Sexy

I really like this design from L. condoms.  It feels smart, sexy and chic, which is what this kind of packaging should make you feel.  Often, it feels like the packaging is about bright colors or back alleys.  This is understated and sophisticated.

(designed by the awesome Adrian Gilling, seen via Lovely Package)

L. is a condom company with a cause: to empower women globally by supporting the human right to safe sex. For every condom you purchase, one is distributed in a developing country. L. not only provides those in need with safe sex options, but also educational programs in order to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS within communities highly affected by the disease. The initial packaging is designed to spread the message within developed countries in order to facilitate the “1 for 1″ mission of the company, through the “SEX – CAUSE – WORLD” message, and bold shelf presence.” 

I love that this is a product with a great cause.  Providing condoms to those in developing countries along with educational programs is a 1-2 punch to disease and overpopulation.  Often, people just throw condoms at the problem, which is a great start, of course, but if you can't make the recipients care about using them, then it's ineffectual.

The one very minor quibble I have is why does the box have a handle on it?  Is it meant to look like a purse?  Because 12 condoms aren't that hefty.  Did someone go, "Oh, it's for ladies, so it should look like a purse!", because if so, that's dumb.  We don't only like things in lady shapes. 

To learn more about L., visit their website and read about their mission.  You can never be too prepared.


And if you like packaging, you can see a whole lot more of it at Lovely Package.

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