Monday, June 27, 2011

Dieline Design Awards 2011

Dieline's 2011 Design Award Winners are posted on their site.  There were many fantastic winning ideas this year, including a salad green company's piquant design:

Design by Big Fish:
We were asked to create a brand for Britain’s finest salad growers. We found a man in the company who had a degree in watercress. His name was Steve Rothwell. He was clearly the mastermind behind their delicious, tender baby leaves so we suggested naming the brand “Steve’s Leaves”. They loved it. At the time, the salad fixture in supermarkets was one big impenetrable green hedge-like wall where everything looked the same. We seized the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and depicted Steve’s hand picking the leaves on the front with bright colours that reflected the intense flavours of these naturally delicious little leaves. We made the bags "one serve" portion size, which allowed people to mix and match varieties instead of just buying one big bag. (via The Dieline)

Love this concept—great example of thoughtful branding.

On the flip side, I was surprised at a few of the winners.  Coca-Cola's packaging wasn't that impressive.  It's hard to be innovative when you're a very established brand; those companies are often tied to iconic traditionalism.  Still, since the Dieline seems to award innovation and new ideas, the summer flip-flop motif doesn't seem like it would put Coke over the top.

Kleenex won for packaging tissues as pie:

That gave me pause.  I'm pretty used to companies packaging non-food as food, and food as non-food.  It doesn't seem all that avant-garde to put the product in a wedge and package it as pie.  Cute, sure, but not award-winning.  Coming up with a more sustainable way to package a paper product, or even a more efficient dispensing mechanism would have been a clearer win for me, but this reads as overly precious and a bit twee.

Other than that, there are a lot of really good examples of interesting and inspiring packaging.  Check out the winners on the Dieline.


  1. The Kleenex boxes are a bit of a surprise winner... they do have a cute retro look, but I don't know if I want pie in my bathroom. I definitely don't want to blow my nose on pie.

  2. Steve's Leaves is a cute name. The Yellow and orange printing look fantastic over the green lettuce.

    The pie/cake Kleenex box design makes no sense, and the visual effect is ruined by the fact that the pie doesn't sit right-side up. The novelty angle is good, and I love to see design that increases value, but this kinda seems half way there, to me. A-frame Alpine cottages might have been better visually (though no more relevant).

    I agree that the coke design isn't award-worthy, though it is elegant, clever and, most important, kindles nostalgia for a time when people were blissfully unaware of the ill effects that soda has on our bodies and the environment.

  3. I agree, Brian. The Coke design is elegantly retro. But Coke's design in general is pretty solid. It would have been fun to see them break loose and try something a little unconventional.