Thursday, June 2, 2011


I think with the coming of summer, I've been super keyed into all the golden hues around us.  This packaging really hones in on the good of gold.

This Nanatsukahara butter cake packaging designed by T-Square Design Associates is lovely, sophisticated, and warm.  The bottom of the 7 looks like a drop of golden butter.

It's also surprising.  Inside are trees. 

And a cake!

“This cake uses special butter from Nanatsukahara farm, Hiroshima Prefecture. We wanted to use the package as a vehicle to communicate where the cake was made and coming from, enjoying the scenery of the farm and of course, the butter cake too.”  (via Lovely Package)

I love how elegant this is, but also how the interior landscape catches the viewer off-guard.  That element of surprise is winning.

This next package wins points just for being beautiful, simple, and refined.  It's

Ecological beer design, from Dídac Ballester, via Lovely Package.  Just lovely.   And that's something I don't expect beer packaging to be, so it's another instance of surprise and delight. 

Surprise and delight are good things to inspire in an audience.  They're second only to consistency and trust, which we all crave.  Hopefully the products inside match the quality of their packaging.

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