Thursday, July 21, 2011


Miguel Molina hit it out of the park with this one.  In student work for Bitter Chocolatier, he created sophisticated packaging cut through with sardonic humor.

He says of his design:
The brand has an edge. The elegant look contrasts sharply with its ironic humour. Poking fun at himself, The Bitter Chocolatier tells his tales of misfortune throughout his life through the different flavours. The product differentiates itself from other brands while entertaining the consumer. 
(via Lovely Package)

I like how this is clever, but not overly precious or convinced of its own importance.  The stories also give a personal touch, and something as decadent as chocolate is personal.  This kind of branding wouldn't work so well if used for buying gasoline or printer paper.  Both of those products are consumables, and you probably have a preference as to which brand you buy. However, we connect deeply to what we eat, especially if it's something we very much enjoy eating. 

One wants their experience of chocolate to feel luxurious, because we consume it for pleasure.  Having sophisticated, elegant packaging with a piquant message adds to our delight.

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