Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anthology: Issue #4 Sneak Peek

I'm a big fan of Anthology Magazine.  With the death of my beloved Domino, as well as Blueprint, there was a dearth of glossy home mags in the market for a year or two, and Anthology has filled that gap beautifully.  I attended their launch party last November, and since then, I've been pleased as punch with all the gorgeous, curated, and on-trend content.

Issue #4, The Great Outdoors, is about to be released.  Here's a sneak peek, a cute stop motion film of the stories featured in the issue.

If you haven't already subscribed, I'd do so by tomorrow (otherwise, you'll start with issue #5).

Anthology has also branded their product well.  The title typeface is both classic and current.  The layout is clean and modern, but still retains friendliness and approachability.  If their predecessors are any indication, I'm in their target audience (30s, creative professional, right income level, interest in home & design) and I find the magazine and its advertising entirely appealing.

It's gratifying to see a magazine succeed.  I'm hoping to receive Anthology for many years to come.

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