Thursday, September 1, 2011

Student Work: Orbit Toothpaste

Love this design of Orbit toothpaste and whitener packaging from Veronica Clauss via Lovely Package.  There's a toothpaste you use in the morning and a whitener for nighttime.

This is a great fit with the Orbit brand, which has a spacey, 60s feel. It's retro and modern at the same time. Plus, the colors really pop.

Someone wondered in the original post how these products would fit on the shelf.  The unique design might take a little tinkering to fit on the shelf, it's true.  However, most of these get their own pallet display, so I'm less concerned about the shape.  I do think the main font could be changed to reflect something a little more 60s and space-age.  As it currently stands, it feels more 50s to me.  I love that, but it might fit better with Orbit's brand.  The colors, however, are bang on.

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