Friday, December 9, 2011

Macaron Packaging

I haven't really jumped on the macaron trend.  Macarons are okay by me as cookies go, but they lack a certain substance, a meatiness, I really enjoy out of dessert.  That said, I love them design-wise.  They have a great shape and come in a panoply of colors and flavors.

What I like about this packaging for Point G, a boutique in Montreal, is that it tantalizes the consumer with the colorful and delicious macaron without veering into the overly precious.

It's so easy to go cutesy with macarons because the saturated and pastel palette reminds us so much of childhood. But the angular and minimalist box and the sans serif font give this a high level of sophistication, while still remaining fun.

Big success by Chez Valois

Originally seen on Lovely Package.


  1. You haven't tasted a real macaroon until you've had the salted caramel ones from Ginger Elizabeth in Sacramento. That would change your mind.