Thursday, February 9, 2012

DC's New Logo is a Super Fail

What do we think about DC Comic's new logo?

Nothing about this says comics to me.  It says "Ha! I'm a TYPEFACE!".  Not that every comic company logo has to have a thunderbolt or swoosh or star or whatever, but there's such a rich visual history to draw from with comics that this stripped-down logo just feels flat to me.

Armin has some great points about it in this post on Brand New

The sticker peeling/page turning concept is something many of us have done in the sketch phase at some point, heck I have even presented it to a client, and that’s where it should stay as there is nothing particularly original about it. But let’s assume it’s the right way to go, there is a lack of finish in the execution and it might be the clunky way the “C” closes, which was done to make sure it is visible, but few “C”s we use day to day look like that, they are usually more open and they end at nicer angles, not 0°. The visual idea has merit, there is an interesting relation revealed between the “D” and the “C” but it’s not properly pulled (pun!) off. And the typography underneath the monogram seems to be a complete afterthought.
DC, you employ a bunch of artists.  We know you can do better.


  1. Well, I can't speak to the new logo, but they really hit a home run with the New 52--in other words, the comics themselves.

    They are the only ones actually doing comic books "right" right now. Which is sad because I actually like their "property" less (their characters are cardboard compared to Marvel's rich heroes).

    What they did:

    + Kept the comic book price LOW ($2.99, as opposed to $3.99 for most comics)
    + Bombarded the market with loads of new titles (52 of them, of course, plus they have more series in the works)
    + Resurrected and revamped many of their out of date or underused properties
    + Let the writers and artists have free reign over what they wanted to do

    This isn't the first time they've changed their logo. Personally I'd like to see them go back to one of their original "retro" logos:

    I like the one in the middle best, but hey, it's all good.

  2. Actually, their new logo is quite good when placed in the proper context:

  3. Mike, I think it's *better* when it's in that context, but something could have been done to make the peeling back of the D look more like a piece of clothing or a page or a cape or something. It still looks like a sticker to me, and that's kind of weird.

    Also: font is boring. Why not pick a typeface with a more retro appeal? See first iterations of that logo, as you've linked to them - I think it would have looked cooler that way.