Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Tea for Me

We all know how I feel about bland tea packaging.  I was happy to find a great example of dynamic, modern tea packaging on my beloved Lovely Package today.

Tea Bar, a cafe in Amsterdam where you can select, mix and match, and drink a blend of teas, asked Proud Design to create a series of packaging that would reflect the unique nature of each tea.

I think they've succeeded.  Their design is eye-catching, clean, and honestly, a bit of a conversation starter.  A cocktail umbrella?  A flexed bicep?  A lava lamp?  What has this to do with tea?

Each package reflects the main attribute of each tea for a design that's fresh and visually interesting, but not as transparent as one might think.  I like that though—since you don't have a ready clue as to what exactly each tea is, you're forced to ask questions and educate yourself about each of the varietals, which probably leads to a far better tea experience.

Plus, this just looks cool.

Post originally seen here, at Lovely Package.

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