Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about this little blog lately. I lost interest for awhile, due to Roller Derby + a promotion at work + you know, life.  I think part of the problem is that package and brand design alone doesn't light a fire under me—devoid of context, these are just items on a shelf, another tribute to the vast sea of consumerism and aspiration.

Despite my lack of motivation, I couldn't let go of Emblemist. Whenever I visit, I like this space.

So, I tried to think of a solution, something that could keep me here. This, I think, is the answer: context. What's missing from this blog is why what I do matters to me.

I put my perspective on everything: why a piece of branding does or doesn't work for me. My opinion is all over the place. But... why does this matter? Why do I think branding and identity and the surface of things is so important?

Because design is how we communicate with the world.

It's sometimes our only method of communication, and I am big into communication. If you know me, you'll vouch that I am very wordy. I love reading and text and typography and fonts and kerning and texting and talking, a lot. What I love more is how good design communicates to us without having to speak. It hits something pre-verbal within us, appealing to our senses, inspiring an immediate response, invoking our most primal needs and getting us to act on them.

I want to keep talking about that. But I also want to undertake a larger project: rebranding myself.

That sounds heady and not a little solipsistic, but here's what I mean at the heart of it—I want to be more intentional about what I communicate about myself to the world.  Both in my writing, and in my life.

There are many blogs out there that focus on branding and packaging and they do it well (Lovely Package, The Dieline, and Brand New are my oft-cited favorites).  I could spend a lot of time trying to be the best brand identity blog out there, but (a) I would lose.  I just don't have the design or agency background to do that properly, and (b) I'm not sure I want the focus of this blog to be so narrow.

I'm admit to some trepidation about increasing personal content.  This will not become an "another instagram photo of my latte" blog.  But I would like to use my personal experience at creating a brand for myself and possibly a burgeoning business to inform my perspective on other elements of branding and identity.

That's where I see this headed.  And I can get pretty excited about that.

In the meantime, here's my favorite recent package design: Waldo Trommler Paints, designed by Reynolds and Reyner.

Gorgeous paint cans with simple, easy to read fonts and bright colors.  You should read their sound methodology on the creation of this brand, but here's an encapsulation:
How to create a brand that stands out? We need to find the design solution that hasn’t been used by any of the competitors. At the same time showing the main features of the company – friendliness, quality and innovation. WTP is not just a manufacturer of paints – it’s an assistant, always ready to help, suggest and defend from the hassles and problems. Repairs with WTP is simple, convenient and fast and this is what in it’s simple design.

Totally a win, if you ask me.