Friday, October 26, 2012

Mighty List

I've been a big fan of Maggie Mason and all of her mighty endeavors for years.  But like any tentative fangirl, I have admired mostly from afar, other than speaking with her briefly at the Anthology launch in 2010.  Well, no more!

I've been wanting to start my Mighty Life List for ages, but got sidelined by my roller derby habit + an ever-increasing day job schedule.  I'm hoping that by putting my intentions out there, I will be more committed to getting them done and crossing them off the list. I was very successful at my 101 in 1001 project, so I'm enthusiastic to go even bigger in scope and focus this time.  I'm also interested to see if this can get me reengaged in blogging and help me clarify what the direction of this space.

So without further delay, I'm going to get started.  

Emblemist Mighty Life List
1. Create a dahlia garden
2. Meditate every day for a year
3. Complete a Digital Marketing course
4.  Dye my hair an outrageous color
5. Hold a Wii Fit Olympics
6. Take an awesome and goofy group Christmas photo
7. Pin-up lingerie photo shoot
8. Travel to Machu Picchu
9. Do a CrossFit Muscle-Up
10. Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City
11. Write a book
12. Host a fancy lemonade stand
13. Go to Prince Edward Island in Canada
14. Celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival and eat Mooncakes
15. Have a baby
16. Make 100 beautiful things
17. Attend Loi Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand
18. Dinner at The French Laundry
19. "Run with the Bulls" in New Orleans
20. Actually visit Paris (I was there for a day in 2002. Doesn't count.)
21. Take a train from Oakland to Los Angeles to visit my family.
22. Swim with sea turtles around the Galapagos Islands
23. Write a collection of short stories
24.  Create a grown-up sartorial style (i.e. get a makeover)
25. Cook 1 recipe from every cookbook I own

That should be enough to start.  These are coming easier and easier, so there will be more soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's almost the season for eggnog!  I love eggnog; it's one of my favorite things about winter.  So understandably, I'm digging this rebranding from Sunnyside Farms done by Murray Brand that I saw on The Dieline the other day. 

Source: The Dieline
It looks like Sunnyside is getting away from the traditional down home on the farm motif, and moving to something a little more current, but with a retro feel.  I love the birds and holly.  Here's what Murray Brand said about their design:

"To ensure consistency with Sunnyside Farms' non-seasonal packaging, Murray Brand Communications designed a holiday series in which the brand's iconic birds are bundled up and ready for winter weather. Snowflakes, a holly tree and festive holiday typography were added to enrich the seasonal theme while remaining loyal to the brand's highly recognizable packaging graphics and core essence of fresh, local, friendly and family."

Source: The Dieline

Source: The Dieline

Big success! The packaging totally reads as friendly and fresh. I can't wait to test it out in my annual Nog Tasting and see how Sunnyside Nog measures up!