Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day of the Betties

This past weekend, my friend Jora and I met up in San Francisco for some quality shopping.  I’d been nervous about posing , and I was looking for pin-up style clothes I’d be confident in.

The biggest reason I’m taking a leap and doing this shoot is to be comfortable in my own skin.  One way I’ve tried to reach that idea was to get tattooed last year.  So, I was looking for clothes that would be flattering to my short, curvy frame, plus highlight my ink.  Jora and I went to Bettie Page on Haight Street to check out their selection of pin-up clothes (a style they specialize in) and see if anything would fit our criteria.

The final outfits are a surprise, but here’s me modeling one dress we rejected:

We found 2 dresses I really liked, and I took them in for alterations this week to get that perfect fit.  After this trip, I was feeling inspired; after all, it hadn’t taken that many tries to find some clothes I felt great in.  So I let Jora talk me into going down the street to Dollhouse Bettie, a vintage-inspired lingerie store.  Forever after, I’m going to refer to this adventure as “Day of the Betties.”

Even though I had been a bit anti-lingerie, I was feeling confident, so I tried on some things and fell in love with one outfit.  So, now there will be 3 looks, and one of them will be in vintage-inspired lingerie.  And to my surprise, I’m feeling pretty good about that. 

Shoot is on Sunday.  Keep your fingers crossed and your stockings gartered for me!

This post originally appeared on Go Mighty.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Ready to Pose

Last we left off, I had secured a  photographer, as well as a hair and makeup artist.  Juan, my photographer, has been super responsive to my ideas and is excited to work with me on the shoot.  And I have a Sunday appointment to go to a pin-up clothing store in the city on Sunday to scout for outfits.

So far, so good, right?

Well, sort of.  You see, I’m super nervous about posing.  I am not a traditional beauty, nor a slim jim (meaning, girl’s got curves), and the idea of being in front of a camera is giving me hives.  What if I look like a whale?  What if my skin comes out super pasty?  What if my neck disappears and I look like a linebacker?

Here’s what I look like normally:

Cute, but not, you know, someone you’d choose off the street to model.  So, I’m nervous.

But the whole reason I signed up for Go Mighty was to push myself past this place of fear and trepidation and into awesomeness.  And to help figure all this out, my friend Thu suggested I start a Pinterest pin-up inspiration board.  That way, I can pin looks and poses that might be good for the shoot.  Want to check it out?  You can do so here: Emblemist Pin-Up Inspiration Board.

Image courtesy of Paranoia Photography

Want to help me get my pin-up on?  Send any links for inspiration my way!  Extra points if the ladies are curvy and their poses make them look super rad.  What pin-up images inspire you?

- This post originally appeared on Go Mighty.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Skin I'm In

Something happened this week that made me excited about this blog again.

For awhile, my attention has faltered, because I've been very busy launching a new email program at work, going back to school, playing roller derby, and going to CrossFit regularly.  I haven't really had the time or inclination to blog, plus, honestly - I'm still trying to find my voice.  I don't just want this blog to be a "I like this packaging vs. I hate this brand".  I want to create organic and lively discussion about why verbal and visual communication matter, how ideas spark success, and how design factors in to all of our lives.

To get my own creative process going, I joined Go Mighty last year.  Go Mighty helps you list and track your goals, possibly get them funded, and connect you with other creative folks that might be able to help you (or that you can help) finish your goals.

One of my goals is to do a pin-up photo shoot.  What I said about this on the site:

Like many ladies, I struggle with positive body image.  It’s gotten a lot better since I joined a roller derby team 2 years ago, and adopted CrossFit this year – I focus more on what my body can do, rather than its size in comparison to other ladies’ bodies.  Still, I wanted to find a way I could feel proud of my recent healthy initiatives, plus show off the gorgeous tattoo I finished in 2012.  A pin-up shoot seemed like just the way to do that!

Art: Shane Smith

 And now for the really amazing news: Olay has offered to sponsor this goal on my Mighty List! 

I'm super excited about this.  I've already scheduled my photographer and hair and makeup artist.  I'm researching ideas for costumes and accessories.  I'm looking forward to feeling good in the skin I'm in.

And now some questions for you: any tips on looks, costumes, or styles for the shoot?  What makes you feel good about yourself?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bun Mee

Loving this rebrand I saw on The Dieline of Bun Mee by MINE.  I'm a sucker for an engaging typeface and a great concept.  Bun Mee is a Vietnamese-inspired sandwich shop in San Francisco, whose mission is to take bánh mì mainstream.

via The Dieline

The packaging is clean, modern, and in keeping with current trends for type, layout, and design.  It reminds me a bit of Ritual Coffee Roasters brand, with the red presentation and circular motif.  I like the prominence of the Vespa too - Bun Mee delivers on a cherry red Vespa, so it's a good choice to have that tie-in with the brand.

via The Dieline

Great signage; vintage typeface.  And the storefront is massively cute.  Take a look:

via The Dieline

Maybe I'll hop into the city soon for Bun Mee's innovative take on the sandwich.  The menu, plus the cute new look might actually compel me to cross the bridge.