Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bun Mee

Loving this rebrand I saw on The Dieline of Bun Mee by MINE.  I'm a sucker for an engaging typeface and a great concept.  Bun Mee is a Vietnamese-inspired sandwich shop in San Francisco, whose mission is to take bánh mì mainstream.

via The Dieline

The packaging is clean, modern, and in keeping with current trends for type, layout, and design.  It reminds me a bit of Ritual Coffee Roasters brand, with the red presentation and circular motif.  I like the prominence of the Vespa too - Bun Mee delivers on a cherry red Vespa, so it's a good choice to have that tie-in with the brand.

via The Dieline

Great signage; vintage typeface.  And the storefront is massively cute.  Take a look:

via The Dieline

Maybe I'll hop into the city soon for Bun Mee's innovative take on the sandwich.  The menu, plus the cute new look might actually compel me to cross the bridge.

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