Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day of the Betties

This past weekend, my friend Jora and I met up in San Francisco for some quality shopping.  I’d been nervous about posing , and I was looking for pin-up style clothes I’d be confident in.

The biggest reason I’m taking a leap and doing this shoot is to be comfortable in my own skin.  One way I’ve tried to reach that idea was to get tattooed last year.  So, I was looking for clothes that would be flattering to my short, curvy frame, plus highlight my ink.  Jora and I went to Bettie Page on Haight Street to check out their selection of pin-up clothes (a style they specialize in) and see if anything would fit our criteria.

The final outfits are a surprise, but here’s me modeling one dress we rejected:

We found 2 dresses I really liked, and I took them in for alterations this week to get that perfect fit.  After this trip, I was feeling inspired; after all, it hadn’t taken that many tries to find some clothes I felt great in.  So I let Jora talk me into going down the street to Dollhouse Bettie, a vintage-inspired lingerie store.  Forever after, I’m going to refer to this adventure as “Day of the Betties.”

Even though I had been a bit anti-lingerie, I was feeling confident, so I tried on some things and fell in love with one outfit.  So, now there will be 3 looks, and one of them will be in vintage-inspired lingerie.  And to my surprise, I’m feeling pretty good about that. 

Shoot is on Sunday.  Keep your fingers crossed and your stockings gartered for me!

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