Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cat-Lady Preserves

Cat-Lady Preserves is a great example of packing for a small business.  Sumayya Alsenan has kept it simple and rustic, which is the right choice for an artisanal producer.

via Lovely Package

She says of her design:
The logo was set in the font Lekton. The color palette included black and white, and a accent color associated with each product. The labels were printed on white matte labels, the blanks were filled out by hand, and then the center image was rubber stamped. The jar caps were covered in post office brown paper, and then embossed with a personal embosser. Then was tied with black & white butcher thread.The products then were placed in hand-stamped muslin bags.
via Lovely Package

via Lovely Package

I love all the personal touches and differentiation between each product, even within each product set, as referenced by the different toppers above.  I don't know how you'd manage this for large-scale production, but with the return to heirloom, small-scale production, this is a great fit.

via Lovely Package
 Cat-Lady Preserves is still working on their website, but if you're around Brooklyn, check out local food festivals for their products.

Originally seen at Lovely Package.

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