Monday, February 11, 2013

Pixellated Coke

Coca-Cola can design based on Space Invaders.  What?  I know!

via Erin McGuire
This made the rounds last year, but I never followed up on it.  It's student work from Erin L. M. McGuire, whose tumblr I am now obsessed with.

via Erin McGuire

 Erin says about her work:
"‘Space Invaders’ VS ‘Space Invader’… The first is a video game made in Japan that became extremely popular in the 80’s. The second is the code name for a 21st century urban pixel artist from Paris who pastes up Space Invaders inspired art on streets all around the world. Space Invader the artist is famous among urban youth and creative people around the world.
Similar to Space Invaders art, these pixel creatures are invading the human world. They have taken over the walls of Paris, Amsterdam, New York, LA, and now they are targeting Coca-Cola cans across the world, turning everything in their path to pixels."
via Erin McGuire

Love it.  I hope Coke actually does collaborate with more artists to make cheeky statements like this.  It brings a youth and freshness, while still maintaining the brand's icon status.

Originally seen at The Dieline.

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