Saturday, February 2, 2013

Street Art and Louis Vuitton

As a populism person and a blogger, I'm a big proponent of all things street: street food, street fashion, and street art.  So when I heard from POPSOP that Louis Vuitton was pairing with three street artists for new scarf designs, I had to see what was up.

The street art creatives have re-imagined the regular giant silk scarf to give it a pinch of fresh unconventional energy, which is usually associated with urban art. The women wardrobe piece goes in three different styles by Retna, Os Gemeos and Aiko (“love” in Japanese) with prints, which suit any look and fit any occasion.
Photo: Retna x Louis Vuitton scarf
 The Retna scarf has watercolor and hieroglyph influences to the LV classic imagery&#151a bold and different take on the classic design. I like how the texture is soft, but the color palette and broad strokes make it strong.

Photo: Aiko x Louis Vuitton scarf
Aiko used many influences, past and present, in the making of the design. The use of the logo in the background image, married with eastern and western styles is really interesting. And I think this presents as the most street-style classic, with bold colors and typography that is closer to a traditional tag than the other example.

These are my favorites of the three, but you can see the last one here: Os Gemeos LV scarf.

I hope we see more of these collaborations.  It's a very fresh approach.

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