Friday, April 5, 2013

Student Work: Grain Reusable Disposable Camera

This student work from Jongwon Lee is fantastic.  A reusable disposable camera?  It smudges the boundaries between consumable and unexpendable products.  Cameras have long been either serious purchases, or easily disposable, and there's not been a median product to blend the aims of those two categories.

Originally seen via Lovely Package
This product would be an ideal match for going on vacation or other adventure where it might get wet or stolen, or misplaced.  You don't have to fret about either losing a valuable asset, or contributing to our landfills. 

Originally seen via Lovely Package
Old school is good school. ‘grain’ is a reusable-disposable film camera and film brand. The dots on the film package represent whether it is color or B&W and the size varies according to the film ISO.
Originally seen via Lovely Package

I really wish someone would make this.  The design of it is lovely and accessible too.  Kudos.

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