Friday, April 19, 2013

Wolfy's Porridge Pots

Happy Friday!  How bright and adorable are these Wolfy's Porridge Pots from Hills Design?

via The Dieline

I like how colorful and clean the packaging is.  The paw prints, plus the handwritten type make for a friendly brand presence.

The identity we created sets out to be compelling and playful, while always allowing for engagement with a broad consumer base. The paw prints that interlink with the type subtly suggest a character behind the identity and also allow the symbol of the paw to become synonymous with the brand. Distinctive colours and quirky typography help distinguish the varying flavours.

Agreed.  Plus, who doesn't love porridge?  I can't help but say the word with a British accent.


Originally seen at The Dieline.

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  1. Hey! I like those a lot. I'd eat from them. Or make cute planters from them if they would last.