Monday, September 30, 2013

Space, Light, and Shadow

Alexa Meade is an artist who started painting directly on her subjects, rather than copying their likeness onto a canvas.  Instead of painting a grapefruit on a surface, she paints the grapefruit onto the grapefruit itself.  This is especially interesting when she paints people.  Light, shadow, texture&#151she takes a three dimensional subject, and makes it look two dimensional.

It's more fascinating than you think.  It's certainly weird too, because I think more dimensions is generally thought to be better?  But it's so interesting watching the multidimensional become flat, and then watching the shadows being worked in to give it an artificial dimensionality.

Then, she started playing with milk and paint.  That was even cooler&amp#151they couldn't control the outcome at all, so they had to adjust and get even more into play and sheer creativity.  The lesson here I think is to really embrace uncertainty in the artistic process.

Now I want to get out my brushes and paint and play too.

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