Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sheryl Sandberg: Leading by Example

I, like many others, have been reading Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In.  If you've read it, you'll know already how prescient it is, how well-written, how insightful.  What I didn't realize was how enjoyable it would be to read.

I'm nearly all the way through, and I find myself nodding, underlining passages, and making exclamation point notes in the margin.  The book questions why we have so few women leaders, posits why women aren't encouraged by our society to lead, and then offers solutions to that challenge.  It's extensively researched, easy to read, and relatable.

She won me over when she confessed that as a child, she was described as "bossy".  The moment I was described as such has stuck out to me the entirety of my adult life.  It wasn't a compliment.  And I've always wondered why we don't decry men as "bossy" when they're being authoritative.  The forces that have corralled women to the sidelines are corrosive, but Lean In has several measures to counteract them.

If you'd like to get a preview of the book, three of the main tactics for getting women into leadership roles are discussed by Sheryl in her TED Talk from 2010.  I watched it today, and even though the material is covered more extensively in the book, I enjoyed hearing the same thoughts in Sheryl's voice.  You might like it too.

Let's get more women into leadership, so that all women can enjoy a more expanded role in our society and world.

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