Friday, November 8, 2013

DC Comics Screws Up Again

I haven't been a big fan of DC Comics overall.  And I really don't love their logo.  But I was prepared to overlook all that because the latest Batwoman titles have been so very good.  Helmed by J.H. Williams III and WH Blackman, it's a kickass comic with strong female protagonists - not only the titular character, but there's a strong and compassionate cop, a hardworking if acerbic federal agent, and a well-meaning, talented sidekick.  The plot lines are solid, it's always well-written dialogue, and the art.  The art.

All the panels are absolutely gorgeous.  Williams' skill is unparalleled in pictorial storytelling.  Every detail is perfect.  I just love looking at it.  And he uses layout and color and shadowing to give the story so much resonance.

So when I heard two months ago that Williams and Blackman are leaving DC because the comic prevented them from showing main character Kate Kane marrying fiance Maggie Sawyer, I was enraged.  There are so few comics with strong lady characters that aren't deranged.  And so very few with complex, fleshed-out female characters, especially queer ones.  And even rarer, all that in such an exquisite comic.

I would have given DC money for the rest of my life if they'd kept up this comic, but yet again, they're proving themselves to be enormous idiots.  

I'll be reading back issues of Promethea and anything Terry Moore puts out.  Adios, DC.

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