Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Direction

I've been thinking a long time about this blog and what it should be.  I started out with a focus on branding and packaging, thinking that that was how my career was going to go.  But along the way, something changed.  Pinterest happened.  And honestly, it's a far more effective tool than a longer-format tool.

I still like looking at packaging, and you can see my Pinterest Packaging Board for ideas.  But I don't really want to talk about that stuff anymore.  You all know what makes for good branding and packaging.  The good stuff grabs you.  It inspires a second look, and maybe even a purchase.  We all love good design, because it puts the vital and necessary to the forefront.  

But I'm kind of done with that as a focus.  So what next?

After doing some creative life and soul searching with the Coaching for Creatives course from Braid Creative, I discovered that I'm more interested in pursuing a path in creative digital marketing.  As we become more and more mobile-focused, and technology provides more opportunities to communicate, the world seems more connected, but also more frenzied and overwhelming.  Finding ways to cut through all the conversation, interrupt complacent schemas, and get our messages through will be paramount.

I waffle a lot about talking about the personal.  Blogs seem to have a lot more relevance when they have an obvious voice, and a lot of my content so far has been pretty dry, unless you're a design nerd like me.  But at the same time, finding the line between exposure and discretion can be pretty tough.  I may give that a try if anyone is interested in hearing my thoughts.

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